Equine Rehab &Therapy
The Science of Bio-mechanics and Art of Feel
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Blue Lotus Links

Friends and Clients - Qigong related informational websites:

Body Balance Massage Therapy - bodywork for humans, conducted by Colleen Whelan-Moore.

Natural Whisperings - Joanna DeRungs facilitates equine experiential learning sessions for personal enrichment and healing.

Tiantian School of Qigong - Seattle, Washington school where Jeff Moore received his qigong training.

Wisdom and Peace Wellness Center - Professor Huixian Chen's current website for medical qigong.  Jeff Moore received his qigong teaching certification under Professor Chen.

- Helpful websites of resources and professionals:

Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Reader free download to use for reading pdf files.

Amazon.com - Search for book titles referenced in this website.

Greenstone Corner - Abby Nartker provider our beautiful historic qigong classroom site.

IMR, Inc. - Small business consultant and website designer for this website.

The Red Hare - Personal Chef Sarah Carlson provides the fabulous healthy meals for our all day qiong workshops.