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Blue Lotus Qigong School

Blue Lotus Qigong School was formed by Jeff Moore to instruct individuals in the healing powers of a regular qigong practice.  Jeff uses qigong regularly in his practice of healing horses at Equine Rehab & Therapy.  The information below comes from the Tiantian School of Qigong in Seattle, WA, USA.

What Can Qigong Do For You?
Create an environment in the body conducive to self-healing, so that the practitioner can achieve and maintain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being by the following:
•    Bring yin and yang into balance in the body
•    Bring the five elements into harmony in the body
•    Increase the amount of postnatal qi in the dan tians
•    Cleanse the channels and meridians
•    Open the acupoints
•    Balance the emotions

What is Qi?  What is Qigong?

Qi (chee) is the energy in and around your body: qi to our bodies is like electricity to an appliance --without it, we don't function. A full supply of qi flowing freely through the body is necessary for optimum emotional and physical and emotional health and vitality.

Qi is a Chinese word, but the Chinese didn't invent qi--they've just been studying it a few thousand years. They developed ways to get more qi and balance the qi they had. These methods all fall under the term "qigong". The word "gong" refers to the process of spending time working at a discipline to derive benefit. The word qigong is as general as "yoga" or "martial arts": just as there are many forms of yoga and of martial arts, there are many (over 3,000) forms of qigong. For some time now we have known that various forms of qigong have been practiced for at least 5,000 years, although now there is reason to believe qigong may have been practiced for as long as 10,000 years.

Qigong is practiced by millions of people all over the world--more people worldwide practice some form of qigong more than any other physical art, including yoga and tai chi.

Qigong is the foundation of Chinese medicine, and is one of Chinese medicine's primary components (the others being acupuncture, herbalism, massage and classical Chinese feng shui). Qigong is also the foundation of martial arts. Taiji (tai chi) is a form of qigong. Yoga is related to qigong. (In India, qi is called shakti.) Reiki is a Japanese method of working with the body's vital energy, and aikido is a Japanese martial art that works extensively with qi (the "ki" in reiki and aikido is the Japanese word for qi).

How Does Qigong work?
How does qigong work? Qigong offers an effective way to supplement health care regimens and return to an optimal state of well-being. Regular qigong practice has been scientifically proven in studies all over the world to cure and prevent illness. Once health is regained, qigong becomes an anti-aging technique and a discipline to balance the emotions and explore the potentials of the mind. How does this happen? It happens for one very simple reason: the condition of the physical body is a direct result of the condition of the energetic body. Change the quality of the energy in and around the body and the physical body works to "match" that quality. Illness is present at the energetic level long before it ever manifests on the physical level. Practicing qigong on a regular basis improves the energy so the body can improve too.