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Equine Ulcers

Equine ulcers can often be the root of behavior or pain issues in a horse. 

"The more stabled pleasure and performance horses that I see for musculo-skeletal issues, the more I realize that the intestinal tract health is a huge part of keeping a horse’s body happy. Modern stresses on a horse include: being stalled without companions they can touch, individual meals instead of on demand grazing, lack of exercise (2 hours a day, every day, still leaves 22 hours without much movement), and high proportions of concentrates vs. grass, training, blanketing, etc. All of these things create a situation that can stress the intestinal tract. We all know about Gastro Gard that blocks stomach acid formation, which is critical for full blown ulcers but it doesn’t really heal the stomach. It just blocks what creates the problem, and then the horse is on its own to heal (usually with the same issues that helped create the problem).

Recent research has also shown that the fascia (connective tissue that connects every part of the body and all the muscles) can actively contract with stress hormones and peptides produced in the gut. It’s why I feel some horses so tight everywhere that they are unable to move correctly. And they are unable to keep their mind on training (think ADD thoroughbreds).

While Gastro Gard is expensive there is a product that you can mix at home for a few dollars a month, that helps with a whole range of issues related to the gut."

Herbal Aloe Vera Liquid  (Download a pdf copy of this recipe below)
Go to Bi Mart or Trader Joes and buy a gallon of Aloe Vera JUICE, not gel. (about $8-10) And go to a supermarket like Fred Meyers to get a box of ‘Traditional Medicinals’ brand, ‘Throat Coat’ Tea. (About $5).
1)    Brew the whole box of tea bags into about a pint of water (you want it concentrated)
2)    Let sit overnight and pour into the Aloe juice.
3)    Feed 1 cup a day for two weeks and ½ cup a day after on their grain.

"The throat coat has a mix of herbs, slippery elm, licorice, and marsh mallow that helps coat the stomach and the aloe soothes and heals.  I’ve seen great results with this mixture especially after your vet does a course of Gastro Gard. It seems to help even when there are not obvious scope-able ulcers."  - Jeff Moore, ESMT

Ulcer Summary 
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Recipe PDF Document:
Equine Rehab’s Aloe Ulcer Formula Recipe
- Jeff Moore's own ulcer healing formula using simple, affordable, natural ingredients for healing or preventing ulcers.
Information Links:  Follow the links below for more information about help with equine ulcers.

Website Sources:
lunatunesfreestyles.com - A website with clear information about treating a horse with suspected ulcers .

PDF Document:
Horse or Equine Stomach and Hind Gut Ulcers - Information taken directly from the above website source, presented in downloadable pdf format.