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Horses Looking For Homes

Looking for Homes:

Occasionally we come across well trained, well behaved and sound horses from a variety of disciplines, that either need a different environment, different shoeing or minor bodywork. We keep these horses, give them what they need, evaluate them for suitability and try to find them appropriate homes. These horses have a full money back guarantee for 14 days. You can't get much better than that! After your pre-purchase exam, we give you a chance to take them home, see how they settle into your facility and how they adapt to your riding and demands.  We always have different horses so keep checking our website.

We have no horses to place at this time.  As we find quality, sound horses looking for new homes, they will be invited to post their information and pictures on this page.

Help for Horses
If you are an established rescue, rehab or educational center and are interested in Jeff's services, please contact him via the Equine Rehab Contact page.  As Jeff regularly donates work to such causes, call him to discuss travel arrangements and expenses.