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Quarter horse, barrel racer, 5 yr old, sore back and stiff to the right
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"Bandy doing so much better after your work! Her 'rate' is back and she drops into that first barrel so much easier. What I didn't expect is how much less tight and nervous she is at competitions, now that she doesn't hurt as much. And she seems much more focused on her job. The exercise program you gave us really seems to help during her warm ups. Thanks from both of us."

Thoroughbred Mare, 5 years old, under training, Dressage
"Rose was exhibiting difficulty with mobility on her right hind leg, dragging the toe, difficulty with rear extension, crabby attitude, high head carriage and she did not want to collect. At times her right hip would seem to collapse and she would stumble at the trot. After your first session, her attitude improved markedly, she moved forward with enthusiasm, her stride increased, the stumbling stopped and she made marked improvement with collection. Her head came down and she was able to flex more easily. Physically her appearance is changing also - the hind quarters are filling in and the musculature along her spine is increasing. Its been very exciting to see the positive changes, thank you!"

Arab Stallion, 26 years old, hip problems

"L was 100% after your work."

Appaloosa gelding, 13 yrs old, stiffness and resistance to lateral work
"Just wanted to let you know we all noticed a huge improvement in Toby yesterday (first day back to work after your work on Monday). He is always pretty "springy" but he was extra springy on Wednesday and Michelle commented on how relaxed and wobbly his top neck line was. He look as thought he felt wonderful! I have an appointment with Amy regarding saddle fit on Monday. Thanks again and we'll see ya when you're back our way. Take care, Sandy Gray (ps ... word around the barn is you were great)"

Warmblood mare, 9 yr old, lameness and. behavioral issues
"Just wanted you to know that I had a wonderful ride on Elle today! She's back to having much more ease in both the lateral work and the transitions. And on the lunge line she cantered to the right with her nose on the ground for nearly a whole circle--I nearly cried to see her that released at the canter. NOW I can start with canter under saddle. Also--it became apparent later in the day after you left that she was very much in heat. So you were right on about her sensitive points. She is still a little snarly grooming but not nearly so much. She felt soooo good that day when I turned her out to pasture after you left. She was bucking and leaping and prancing and then she'd stop and look at me like 'thanks--I feel great.' And then off she'd go again. Looking forward to the 10th. Thanks."

Lippazan stud, 18 yr old, soreness with work
"Now about Dunnie! (the Lipizzaner rescue) He's been doing quite well -- the quarters, hocks, and pasterns seem to have a continuing improvement pattern following the work. Also your advice about working "asymmetrically" to help the scapulae rebalance (near serratus & offside rhomboids/traps) has really clicked for him! He's going much better and "finding himself" a lot earlier in the workout. Much more relaxed in the axis/atlas area, too -- and I'm starting to get the gastroc' area to soften up. When I work this zone he "washes" the stall door like a cat! We're getting more fluidity and collection in the trot, and he's teetering on the edge of magnificent! (How soon are you coming back to Portland??) Good luck on the website! The world needs to find you!"

Dutch Warmblood, 8 yr old, general evaluation

"Happy spring to all. I am excited to share that I have found a bodyworker who will come regularly to my area!! I met with Jeff Moore, who was referred to me by a Schlesse saddlery rep. and he worked on Marcus for several hours last week. I was impressed with his observations of Marcus' issues and in particular his note of the Rt. hind dysfunction. He primarily used musclulo-skeletal techniques and laser acupuncture with a bit of "repatterning/ Feldenkreis" work on the hind legs. I have waited a week to further assess the work and am very pleased to report that Marcus is going much more through! His walk, in particular, has never been so balanced, free and marching - what a pleasure to ride."

Team penning quarter horse gelding, 12 yr old, right side stiffness
"I wanted to let you know how happy I am with Zeke after you worked on him. When we get to the wall, he sits and turns better than he ever has. Last weekend I took him to a regional penning and we won both classes we entered! Thanks."

Arab gelding, 3 years old, cold back and behavioral issues

"Thanks for coming to work on my little project. Hobbs is a different horse. He no longer bucks under saddle, he's much easier to saddle (the girthyness is gone) and he's so much looser and able to listen to me under saddle. I told you that I had him worked on before but he was so reactive that I didn't feel like it helped that much. I was surprised at how well he responded to the gentleness of your methods, its made such a difference. Thanks."

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