Equine Rehab &Therapy
The Science of Bio-mechanics and Art of Feel
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Treatment Options
 Riders with sore or unbalanced horses now have a range of options to receive help with their horses.

Individual Therapeutic Sessions:  
Initial evaluations and therapeutic sessions are available at your site or barn. These sessions cover an in-depth overall assessment of soreness and movement irregularities. It includes discussion on how the horse's shoeing, training regime and aids, saddle fit, nutrition and environmental factors (living conditions) affect the overall performance and underlying soreness or movement issues of the particular horse. It then includes appropriate treatment to help restore overall balance for the horse. That could include various combinations of shoeing, massage, myofascial release, pulsed magnetic and microcurrent therapy, chiropractic and an individualized therapeutic movement program, depending on the client's needs and desires. This usually takes between 1-3 hours depending on the horse.

These sessions are also available at limited outside facilities. Please contact us about travel and minimum numbers or see our calendar for a schedule of when Jeff will be in your area.

NOTE:  Whenever possible Jeff prefers to have a complete traditional vet assessment done before he sees the horse and requires the consent of the horse's vet. Jeff does not diagnose or treat medical problems. It is always in the horse's best interest to have various professionals work as a team (vet, trainer, farrier, therapist). Back to top

Intensive treatments: 
Another option is to bring your horse to our facility for a 7-90 day intensive program. This includes a comprehensive exam.  This option is usually much more effective because the treatments are spread over a longer period of time. We also have the time to gain the horses trust and repattern their proprioceptive mechanisms to allow healthier pain free movement. While pain can be quickly reduced dramatically in the first session, dysfunctional movement patterns that have taken months or years to develop usually don't  disappear in an hour or two. If this approach is of interest, please contact us to discuss your situation. Back to top

Clinics with Jeff Moore: 
Jeff also does a variety of one to three day clinics that focus on bodywork techniques the owner can do to make their horse more comfortable, and ground and mounted work (exercises) that can help the horse to release patterns that create tension, soreness and restricted movement. These are not training techniques for any one discipline, but ways of interacting with your horse that will enhance any discipline and help any rider connect better with their horse. If anyone saw Debbie McDonald's freestyle performance a few years ago at the (World Championships?) in Las Vegas, it was obvious the level of performance and joy that is possible when the horse  and rider are supple and in connection. Please contact us for information on hosting a clinic in your area. Back to top

Joint Clinics or Collaborations: 
Jeff also collaborates with other Clinicians to introduce these concepts in a more traditional setting. Please see websites for Barb Apple www.barbapple-horseplay.net and Mitch and Jolinn Hoover at Rising H Ranch www.risinghranch.com Back to top

Qigong For Riders:  NEW!!
Another unique and powerful clinic introduces riders to the ancient Chinese art of Qigong (chee-gong).    When we look at the upper echelons of any of the various equestrian disciplines, there are a few horse and rider teams that make it look effortless. There is a joy and a connection between the horse and rider that we notice, even if we can’t define it. What do they have that many of us only get glimpses of? Feel, connection, willing partnership, ‘going with your horse’ are ways that many clinicians have described it. While some people have it naturally, for the rest of us, it can be learned. Learning feel goes beyond any particular discipline's technique, it’s a matter of becoming aware of our horses and ourselves, and becoming aware of the reality of what we really communicate to our horses through our body language, body position and focused intention. By becoming aware of what the horse actually hears, as opposed to what we think we are saying, we can start that conversation of connection instead of the argument of resistance.

One of best ways to become aware of these deeper levels that are so critical to performance is through the use of a Chinese awareness practice called qigong. Qi (chi or chee) is the Chinese word for ‘life energy’. According to ancient Chinese philosophy, qi is the animating power that flows through all living beings, including horses and ourselves. Gong means ‘work’ or ‘benefits acquired through  practice’. Thus, qigong’ means working with the life energy, learning how to control the flow and distribution of qi to improve the health and harmony of our mind and body and those we come into contact with. In China, qigong is practiced as both a soft martial art and as a medical healing art. When we become aware of this life energy and start to understand how to direct it, our riding can become much more effortless. It becomes performance based on a conversation of mutual understanding and respect instead of an argument based on dominance and force. This life force operates whether or not we are aware of it, either positively or negatively. (Luckily, reality doesn’t depend on whether or not we believe it.)  Jeff believes that our flashes of connection have much more to do with harmonizing this flow than from perfect execution of a particular technique, although when we are in harmony the feel and timing of our aids are much better performed. While there are many forms of qigong, the form we use includes movement, breathing techniques, exercises and visualization tailored to riders to harmonize both ourselves and our interactions with our horses. These start with breathing exercises off the horse and simple but powerful exercises on the horse.
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General pricing for Therapeutic Sessions is $135 per horse, plus barn call fee. 
Haul-ins to our barn $100 per horse.

Intensive Treatments, Clinics and Qigong for Riders are all quoted as events are organized.  Please see our Events Calendar for upcoming clinics, collaborations and Qigong classes.
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