Equine Rehab &Therapy
The Science of Bio-mechanics and Art of Feel
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Video Demonstrations

Here are some of Jeff Moore's latest videos.

Horse & Rider Connection

Listening to Horses

Proprioception in Horses

Why Healing Modalities Work with Horses

Sequencing of Muscle Firing

Other Videos on YouTube. 
These videos are provided courtesy of www.StableHandVideo.com.

Equine Rehab and Therapy - Jeff Moore, EMST
In this video Jeff Moore describes who we are and what we do for your horse.

Assessment of Horse That Had Flipped Itself
This video shows Jeff actually assessing and working on a horse recovering from a flip accident.

Saddle Fit with Jeff Moore
Here Jeff demonstrates some of the basics in saddle fitting a horse.

Stay tuned for more videos coming to this website.