Testimonials from Grateful Clients

These testimonials were sent in response to an FB request from past clients. For the last decade, my spiritual training with Amma has had me thinking about healing and Service as a way of life, without really being attached to the outcome of that service. But as these reviews came flooding in, It was almost uncomfortable reading about how people saw that work. I am so deeply humbled by the range of responses. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write something here.

EquineRehab &Therapy

Jeff Moore is a true horse person. And in my 40 years in the business, I don't use the term lightly. Jeff has worked on my and my client's dressage horses for several decades. He has a calm, empathetic manner and a preternatural sense about how the horses are feeling. He is honest, humble and tactful. He has saved us thousands of dollars and years of frustration which we would have otherwise spent trying to figure out why our equine partners are not progressing, not happy, not in self carriage, not eating well, not tracking straight, not carrying their tails softly, and "just not doin' right". Horses tell Jeff more than most of us, because he listens with years of experience with his hands on horses. I've had him fix a colicy horse with a lumbar adjustment, tell me which joint to xray and which muscles to strengthen. Jeff recently manipulated the jaw and hyoid bones on a fussy youngster with an unlevel chest and shoulders. Jeff held his ground, patiently using his hands to meet the horses fussing head and then the annoyance became "processing" and within 5 minutes the kid had released and leveled out. Jeff is a lifetime learner and that's what it takes to be a true horse person.

Dressage Trainer

Jeff has been working on my rodeo & performance horses for over 30 years. He is by far the best in detecting issues that need his expertise. His vast knowledge & training, pertaining to the physiology as well as the psychology of horses, and the ability to treat with success, makes him by far my #1 choice. We are very fortunate to have someone with his ability just a phone call away. Jeff Moore on my team, has been a huge contribution to my success as a Professional Rodeo Barrel Racer & Trainer.

Pro Rodeo Barrel racer, trainer and clinician

Where do I begin with all of my horses you have helped over the years? At least 3 went from bucking and avoiding contact from pain to becoming comfortable riding horses. All of my horses benefit from Jeff’s visits. Each horse becomes softer and more willing after he adjusts them, not to mention his taping areas that are inflamed and uncomfortable. He is definitely a part of my horse’s care and happiness

Horsewoman, rancher, packer

Jeff Moore worked on two of my horses and he was knowledgeable, compassionate and took the time to thoroughly explain what he was doing and why. I highly recommend Jeff and my horses were literally drawn to him after he adjusted them!


Jeff is our go to guy when it comes to horses that need chiropractic work! I feel like Jeff is always honest with what the horse needs. This might mean he comes to look at your horse & leaves without a single adjustment because the horse needs something different. I really appreciate this about Jeff! When a horse does need adjustments he is great about taking his time, really looks/feels over the horses body and discusses with the owner the concerns that they have about their horse and why. He listens to both the horse and owner.

Horsewoman, rodeo, High school rodeo mom

Jeff Moore has not only helped many of my horses, he has helped ME personally recover from many severe injuries. I have learned so much from this smart and talented man, about horses and humans

Trainer, barrel racer, colt starter

Jeff has worked on my horses since around 2007. I can honestly say they always feel better after he visits and his knowledge and skill are unmatched. Years ago my best horse wouldn’t have achieved half as much if it were not for Jeff keeping him comfortable. I contribute so much of his success to Jeff.

Barrel Racer, trainer

My horses and I have loved working with Jeff over the years and hope he will be available for many more. His diagnosis and therapy have solved problems quickly and his “stallside manner” is great!

Dressage/pleasure rider

I have used Jeff for many, many years. I love his kind and quiet approach and so do my horses. He is a wealth of knowledge and skill... Thank you Jeff for all the years... Looking forward to many more.


I dont have horses anymore and I still talk about Jeff and how amazing He is with horses and ppl 13 yrs later. Thank you!


Jeff has worked on my horses for several years, the one thing that stands out the most for me is how one of my horses completely changed after a session, he found something that other chiropractors had missed! What a difference!


Jeff worked on an OTTB of mine that could not pick up the right lead canter, regardless of what I tried, under saddle or on the ground. He was able to adjust him and that helped, but what was the biggest contributor was using kinesiology tape. Jeff first had us go in the arena, saddled (my horse, not me lol) and walk then try to pick up the canter. Nope, not even out of a trot. "Ok, come here for a minute." He puts the tape on his SI and on his flank. "Try it again. Walk him for a couple steps, then pick up the right lead." Voila! It was amazing! This was after months of my trying every trick I had learned from years of schooling with dressage masters. Oh, and on the same visit, same horse, I mentioned that his tongue wouldn't stay in his mouth while being ridden and would sometimes go over the bit. He adjusted his hyoid and he has not had a problem since. His habit was so bad, that they would tie his tongue while racing.

Trainer, horsewoman, Wellington Florida

Jeff is one of my favorite people! He truly believes in making the whole horse better, body & mind. While the work he does is phenomenal, the knowledge and friendship that comes with it can’t be beat. He has worked on all my horses, and each time I look forward to him coming. From small fixes to long term I couldn’t recommend anyone better!

Barrel racer, Nevada

Jeff is the best! He’s the only one that I have work on my horses! The horses love him just as much! He’s knowledgeable and does more than just body work. He will give you exercises, refer you to a vet, give some ideas for a farrier and give you some things to look into if your horse needs more than body work done. Jeff has become family to us and we always look forward to having him down! Always learning and watching from him!

Barrel racer, trainer, TSS leader, Nevada

Jeff is awesome!! I always make sure we are on the schedule when he comes down. He has helped my horses tremendously. He is super knowledgeable and looks at caring for the whole horse just not a part. He caught an issue that was missed and referred me to go back tho the vet with it! Saved my horse’s career with that and I can’t be more thankful! He will explain everything and give you ways to help your horse with exercises etc.

Barrel Racer, Idaho

Jeff has worked on several of our horses over the years. He is excellent at pin pointing issues and helping them relieve their pain. I feel that after a treatment our horses move freer and have better performances. If I'm at a race and Jeff is available I will always schedule a session without fail. Appreciate his expertise.

Wash barrel racer

Of course! I couldn’t figure out how to say enough glowing things in a brief statement!
Jeff has helped maximize happiness and performance in my eventing horses with his comprehensive approach that incorporates body work, building connection with the horse, and owner education. His insights and hands on work are the reason I have been able to rehab my heart horse from a near catastrophic injury all the way back to eventing competition. I attribute my horses’ soundness to Jeff’s wholistic and thoughtful approach to equine wellness and horsemanship. I’d recommend him to anyone with a horse to support both regular maintenance or rehab efforts!

Oregon Eventer